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Victory of Wings (VOW) is delighted to announce the establishment of our events design service in New York City/US. We develop original themes tailored for any setting and occasion, or work with clients to help them bring their own ideas to fruition. Whether you wish to host an intimate gathering in your home, or a festive party in your office or at a hotel, we would love to plan an event that your guests will enjoy and remember.

Recently, for instance, a client asked us to design a purple-themed cocktail party at her apartment for parents of preschool children. After sizing up the space, we developed a plan that she called “magical” and “graceful.” For what became Project Purple, VOW collaborated with caterer Chef Kristin Hatfield and event Sous Chef Leah Van Tassel. They prepared an array of masterful hors d’oeuvres and a sumptuous cheese and fruit bar extravaganza.

VOW chose an ultra modern design, taking cues from Japanese minimalism. At the client’s request, the color purple dominated the scene. Variously sized cylindrical glass vases displayed branches of purple orchids to encompass the mood of the entire space. The orchids emerged in large vases from moss-covered soil. In smaller vases of a similar style aloes were nestled to add another dimension of elegance, but with a rougher side. Artificial grass balls, placed on holders of different heights, added color and texture and complemented the circular furniture pieces that already existed in the venue. Between the floral arrangements and grass balls, purple glass candle cups and holders, of two different heights, but both relatively low, were scattered, presenting white, unscented tea candles. Eucalyptus arrangements, whose leaves were of a similar shape to the selected orchids, were spread through different corners in the reception area to enhance volume and fineness.

The Carrara and the long, glossy silver coffee tables were also adorned with flower arrangements, green grass balls, glass bowls (varying in height and size), and silver trays, to hold a variety of purple candies. Candleholders were also an integral part of the design in these two sections. A sign of hello, in cursive and painted silver, was incorporated into the puzzle-piece coffee tables, and placed atop a silver tray carrying cellophane bags to welcome guests to the candy bar and to invite them to start filling their bags with purple sweets.

The bar had a combination of decorative items to incorporate this section of the reception into the overall design theme. In one corner, the bar carried a small metal decorative label (also in silver color) that read cheers, leaning against a sculpture of a woman, to add an eclectic playful gesture. A vase of eucalyptus branches was placed on the other end of the bar to add a light dramatic elevation to a spot that meant to be a short-wait for service providing.

Purple rooms rock, don’t they?!



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