About Victory of Wings (VOW) – The product of 18 months of strategic planning, VOW is an online lifestyle magazine showcasing the photography, reviews, and reflections of Ahmad, its founder and editor in chief. Several times per week, Ahmad and his occasional guest contributors add new writing and photos about food, travel, fashion, art and design. Whether it is a new pop-up store in Cape Town or a classic not-to-be missed restaurant in Philadelphia, Ahmad is always on the lookout for unique style, cultural happenings, and developing trends. Click on Eat to find food photography, recommendations on coffee shops with artisanal brews, light bite destinations, restaurant reviews and tidbits about culinary trends. Everything from concept stores to hidden boutique gems can be found in the Shop section. Check Travel for discussions of must-visit sights, cultural and artistic offerings and food highlights. The Amuse-Bouche feature provides brief, lighthearted takes on the beautiful, poetic or unusual.

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About Ahmad – Born and raised in Kuwait City, Ahmad earned an MBA in the U.S. and worked in the Kuwaiti financial sector for fifteen years. During this time, he regularly traveled to the cultural and business capitals of the world where he developed an intense interest in hospitality, cuisine, fashion, art and performance. After acquiring professional culinary training in 2014, he moved to the city that inspires him the most—New York—where he could pursue his passion for capturing the world of culture in writing and photography.


Photos of Ahmad are courtesy of photographer Alexey Vaitsekhovskiy.


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